Preparing Your Child

Preparing Your Child

Most kids (and parents) want to understand what to expect when visiting the dentist. Below is an overview of what we do on a typical first appointment at Fort Mill Pediatric Dentistry. When explaining the first dental visit to your child, use the kid’s version; it’s much more exciting!

  • 1. Say, “Hi!” and play games. (Our waiting room has games, books, toys and TV just for kids.)

  • 2. Sit in a fun chair that goes up and down, put on sunglasses, and tickle your teeth with the tickle brush. Mom or dad will be there, too!

  • 3. Count your teeth.

  • 4. Take a tooth picture.

  • 5. Receive tooth vitamins.

  • 6. Get a prize!

  • 1. Check in and fill out paperwork (if you haven’t already done so at home).

  • 2. Your child goes back for his/her cleaning in your lap or dental chair. Parents are welcome, too!

  • 3. Examination.

  • 4. X-ray.

  • 5. Fluoride.

  • 6. Discuss findings and preventative / treatment plan.

What Not to Say

We want to make sure your child feels confident and comfortable during his or her visit. We have developed a list of “what not to say” to your child when describing the upcoming appointment. At Fort Mill Pediatric Dentistry, we will not say these words either. We encourage you not to use these words to describe your child’s visit, even if it’s to say, “It will not hurt”.

  • Shot
  • Pain
  • Needle
  • Hurt
  • Ouch
  • Numb
  • Yank
  • Drill
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Fun Fact:

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